Double decker bus : 20% off admission to Observatoire de la Capitale!

Board the Old Quebec City Red Bus and get 20% off admission to Observatoire de la Capitale!

Observatoire de la Capitale
Édifice Marie-Guyart
1037, rue De La Chevrotière
31e étage
Québec, (Québec), G1R 5E9

Double Decker bus tours stops at Observatoire de la Capitale

Please note that Observatoire de la Capitale is temporarily closed for an indefinite period.

A red double decker bus has been making its way around Quebec’s capital, providing locals and visitors with a new way to explore the city.

From the bus’s open-top upper deck, passengers have a great view of all the action along the tour loop. It’s the perfect way to visit Quebec City’s historic streets and must-see attractions, including Observatoire de la Capitale. Board the Old Quebec Red Bus and get 20% off admission to Observatoire de la Capitale!

See why the top of the city is truly tops!

Through October, the Double Decker bus will make hourly stops at the ground-floor entrance of Observatoire de la Capitale in the Marie-Guyart building (Rue De La Chevrotière). This gives you plenty of time to hop off the bus, head up to the Observatoire and soak up the 360-degree panoramic bird’s-eye view of Quebec City. From your perch 221 meters up, you’ll gain a better understanding of the city’s architecture, geography, and history.

Hop on and off at your own pace

All day long, you can hop on and off the bus as often as you like.
See the full Double Decker bus schedule, tour itinerary, and prices.

The Double Decker bus tour is brought to you by Tours du Vieux Québec.

Bus rouge à l'Observatoire de la Capitale
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